Theme Parks To Visit

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Theme Parks To Visit

Six Flags Theme Parks are located throughout the United States and they offer some of the best family entertainment to be had! Whether you are interested in a water park, an animal park, or an exhilarating ride; with so many theme parks to choose from you are sure to find the thrill of a lifetime!

Let’s check out a few of the many theme parks Six Flags has to offer.

Why don’t we start by saddling up and heading out to the wild west in Frontier City, Oklahoma with more than 50 nail biting rides and plenty of other attractions to keep you amused for hours.

1. Eruption is the tallest ride. It starts at 250 feet then plummets back to earth. It only for the bravest!

2. Mind Bender – if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, check this one out. This is a combination swinging pendulum roller coaster that’s going to have your head spinning.

3. Tomahawk – Here’s a real sleeper that starts out slow. Then suddenly you’ll find yourself 80 feet high heading for earth. What a rush!

4. Silver Bullet will take you to the top on a monster lift; then suddenly you’ll find yourself being shot out of a cannon through the seriously looping coaster.

5. Wildcat – This is your classic wooden coaster ride so sit back and enjoy the tight twists and high speeds. It will have you coming back for more.

San Francisco Six Flags has the most rides and attractions in California as well as an oceanarium and wildlife park. So whether you want to talk with the animals, enjoy the underwater world, or have a thrill of a lifetime ride it’s here! Oh wait, this is also the home of Medusa, the most extreme roller coaster ever! Are you up for it?

1. Medusa is the longest coaster around with 3500 feet of twists and turns and 7 inversions. This is said to be the most technologically advanced rollercoaster ever. Try it for yourself.

2. Boomerang – This is a super roller coaster with intense vertical loops and inversions. You’ll climb to 125 feet and reach speeds of around 50mph.

3. Kong is a 10 story coaster with loop after loop suspended from what appears to be nowhere; sidewinder inversion; and a double twist. Can you handle it?

4. Vertical Velocity – The advanced propulsion system on this roller coaster takes you from 0 to 70 mph in under 4 seconds on a 45 degree inclined tower. It’s not for those with a weak stomach!

Six Flags Over Georgia is about to unleash Goliath, which covers more than 8.5 acres and towers more than 200 feet above the ground. Goliath is the roller coaster that is going to be the ultimate in rides! It covers 4,400 feet in less than 3 minutes, reaching speeds of 70mph as well as dwarfing everything else around it.

Of course there are still all your other favorite rides at Six Flags Over Georgia like Ultimate Flight, Skull Island, Superman, and Mindbender. But if you really want to go out on a limb, come ride Goliath!

And if you’re a thrill seeker looking for the most daring ride to date, then you need to head to New Jersey where the El Toro is about to provide the most daring wooden roller coaster ride in the world.

And for the younger ones, the Bugs Bunny National Park has just opened. Be sure to check it out.

Six Flags Theme Parks are located throughout the United States. There is also a park on Canada and one in Mexico. If you’re tired of the same old boring vacation, perhaps it’s time to turn up the heat and check out what the theme parks have to offer!

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